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subject [Case] Dr. Cho and Mr. Lee prevails in Supreme Court ruling against Boram Sangjo
date 2013-07-30



On 14 June 2013, Dr. Jung Wook Cho and Mr. Young Wook Lee, of Kangho Attorneys at Law, prevailed in securing a decisive ruling from Supreme Court of Korea, in a case where they represented the Fair Trade Commission of Korea (KFTC) against a group of four plaintiffs (Boram Sangjo and its subsidiary or affiliate companies) who sought to invalidate KFTC’s orders to rectify and impose fines on the plaintiffs’ fraudulent or exaggerated advertisements. The Supreme Court found that where Boram Sangjo, a funeral services company, stated that “continued service is guaranteed even after insolvency of the company” and used the term “guaranteed ceremonies system” instead of “funeral service guarantee” in its advertisements, such statement and use of term amount to fraudulent or exaggerated advertising, and issued the final and conclusive judgment in favor of KFTC.


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