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subject [Case] Dr. J.W. Cho and Mr. Y.H. Chung succeeds persuading the court to find client innocent
date 2013-07-30

In a criminal case where the defendant, a middleman in the silver distribution chain, was charged as fraud, Dr. Jung Wook Cho and Mr. Yang Hoon Chung prevailed on a 3 July 2013 ruling that found the defendant innocent.

During the proceedings of the case, the team of attorneys from Kangho Attorneys at Law pointed out that the transactions among relevant parties continued until a momentary delay, the portion of unpaid fees were trivial in the continual dealings, and the defendant extended his furthest effort to fulfill his duties by making partial payment as well as writing and providing a promissory note and a notary deed for the remaining payment. The district court accepted the team’s argument and issued a judgment in favor of the defendant. This judgment leaves a significant implication in distinguishing between default under the civil code and fraud charge under the criminal code.